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New Member Onboarding 


Place Order ( new customer places and order

Schedule Box Opening via zoom (usually 7-10 days from time of order


go through your mini website and how to use it

what is the best way to communicate with you? text-phone call - DM - FB - email

Ask to connect via Renee's FB

Ask to connect via JTAL FB

Ask if they are on Instagram, if yes connect

Record in Trello: Original sponsor and Placement sponsor

New Member Onboarding 

2. Add to WIX CRM as a contact

Add all contact information to WIX

Add the checklist to the contact

New Member Onboarding 

3. Send email "A" Welcome email

Send email "A" Welcome email

Call or text to confirm they received the email

New Member Onboarding 

#4 Connect on social media

Facebook Renee's personal - 

Renee VanHeel

Facebook JTAL 


Facebooks JTAL Shaklee Health Tips 


Instagram Renee's Inviting to 

Instagram (@reneevanheel)

4. Connect on JTAL websites 


New Member Onboarding 

#5 Send email "B" Box Opening (2 days before appt)


15 minute zoom

Member Center

Find Product and explain what it does and where to find out about the product

Attach "How do you feel"

Loyalty Program video

Birthday = Free Gift

New Member Onboarding 

6. Box Opening via Zoom - This is the talking points:

Bring them to the Member Center

Search for the products they ordered and go to that page

Scroll down and show them the talk sheets and videos about each product

Explain 100% Guaranteed - we want to find thee right products for you.

Ask them to be honest about how they like the product and does it agree with them. We don't want product sitting in the cabinet

Explain "Loyalty Program" see checklist

Explain "Loyalty Program" talking point checklist

Hopefully they watched the video from email

Its Very simple and TOTALLY customizable - Both of us get a email 7 days prior to your Loyalty order isa shipped - we can easily change product - change the date sooner or later.

Extra Discounts

You receive 5% -15% points for the total amount of your order

1 point = $1 to go towards free Shaklee products

Your loyalty order has to be $100 each month without shipping and tax.

Introduce "Which Products do You Use" form as a way to budget and spend $100 on Shaklee products.. It is attached in the next email.

Set the next appt for 10 days later. Explain we are checking in to see how things are going. Do the products agree with you and are you getting in a routine of taking them.


New Member Onboarding 

8. 2nd Appointment 10 days after box opening (15days from initial order)

Talk about "How do you Feel" form

How are the products agreeing with you?

Are you able to take them on a consistent basis?

Ask them about a take away from the videos in the last email

Talk about "Which Products do You Use" if they haven't filled it out assist them to fill it out. This helps with budgeting and ordering their $100 a month for their loyalty order.

Set your last appointment 10 days from current appointment. (that will total 25 days)

Set expectations for the next appointment. If you weren't able to cover the forms you will cover it at the next appointment. "How do You Feel" "Which Products do You Use" Your Loyalty Order.

New Member Onboarding 

9. Send Emails "D" Follow Up email - Last appointment for the month.

By now you should be experiencing the wonder effects of the Shaklee products

We have 1 more 10 minute appointment to connect and make sure all is well etc. etc.

New Member Onboarding 

#10 Appt #3 - 15 minutes - See detail new member onboarding (25-27day from initial order)

Loyalty program - Like I said before TOTALLY customizable - Both of us get a email 7 days prior to your Loyalty order isa shipped - we can easily change product - change the date sooner or later. Its very simple

Talk over forms "How do you feel" See if they are feeling better etc.

Talk over the "Which Products do You Use" This helps with their budgeting and ordering $100 a month for their Loyalty order.

Let them know you are here for them

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