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Hi, We are David and Renee VanHeel

What is your Plan B? What is your side gig? Did you know millionaires have an average of seven income streams?

Our passion is to teach what we’ve learned over 35+ years as business owners We’re here to share our secrets to success, how to work smarter not harder while building multiple streams of income

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What to consider when EVALUATING a new business venture?


Choose the right Company


Proven and Innovative


Simple to Duplicate


Your Personal Qualifications


How we chose our last business venture

17 years ago we saw the Health and wellness industry growing, and it checked all the boxes of what to look for when you evaluate a business. We are happy to say we successfully chose to start our 3rd company

Our Personal Requirements

Personally, we had additional requirements: A virtual business with a flexible schedule that we work from anywhere  No inventory ~ No Quotas ~ No Store front Most important! No Bugging family and friends

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Identify what business fits you most

Take a short assessment

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