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4 Steps to Post-holiday Rejuvenation

Where's the reset button? During hectic holidays, you'll likely stress more, party more, eat and drink more, and get less time to sleep, exercise, and relax than during any other two-week period of the year. We're often left feeling "over": overstuffed, overstressed, overtired, overwhelmed. Reset, replenish, refresh, and relax your way to post-holiday rejuvenation.

1. Reset your body

If you overeat, you can feel bloated, heavy, lethargic, and generally bummed out. Try foods and drinks that have a cleansing effect. Think crisp, clear, and fresh.

  • Sip on ginger tea. Ginger helps digestion and can relieve nausea.

  • Try chamomile tea. This may help calm you down so you can relax and sleep better.

  • When you wake, take your water warm and with a twist of lemon. Many yoga practitioners do this, and it may help to gently stimulate your digestion.

  • Eat more fiber. Foods rich in fiber, such as apples, bran, beans, almonds, broccoli, and spinach, can keep things moving on out of your system.

  • Go fresh and lean. Opt for unprocessed food – fresh veggies and fish, whole grain bread.

  • Put down that salt shaker. Too much salt can make you retain water, causing that oh-so-unpleasant bloated feeling.

  • Start a mild exercise routine, like taking a stroll in the early evening.

  • Speak to your doctor or pharmacist about medications that can help with gas, bloating, indigestion, or heartburn. Many of these medications are available without a prescription.

2. Replenish your skin

Lack of sleep and too much alcohol are the kinds of things that can cause your skin to look less than luminous. Get back your glow.

  • Drink plenty of water. The standard 8 glasses of water per day will renew your skin's healthy moisture levels.

  • Banish those bags under your eyes by getting enough rest each night.

  • If the stress of the holidays made you reach for a cigarette, or two, or ten, now's the time to quit. Smoking makes your skin look older.

  • Exercise. This will help bring vital oxygen and nutrients to your skin, giving it a healthy glow.

  • Visit the cosmetics counter at your local pharmacy to see if they offer any specific types of treatments geared specifically to the skin.

3. Refresh your routine

Amid all the holiday rush-and-crush, did your fitness regimen get sidetracked? Now would be a good time to re-evaluate your usual workout: Is it old and stale? Is it non-existent?

  • Switch it up. If you're sick of your regular workout routine, think about some new activities you'd be interested in trying, like yoga or dance. It will shake up your routine and motivate you to keep going.

  • Take it slow. Feeling sluggish and tired now is pretty normal, so take baby steps to restart your workouts. If you usually run a mile, walk a mile. Set the treadmill to a gentler incline.

  • Get going. Now's as good a time as any to get moving. Check out classes online or enlist a family member to be your fitness buddy to help you get started. It's never too late.

4. Relax your mind

Once all the gifts have been given and all the leftovers have been banished from the fridge... your mind will need release and relief from the stress. Try these ideas.

  • Resist caffeine. Give your brain a break from the jittery effects of caffeinated drinks.

  • Take a few moments after you get up in the morning to do some gentle stretching and take some deep breaths. Find a quiet place to sit and appreciate the stillness of your surroundings.

  • Rest your senses. Keep away from the computer, the TV, even the morning paper. All that stimulation can make you tense and restless.

  • Breathe into relaxation. Give meditation or deep breathing exercises a try.

Thanks for reading!

Renee VanHeel

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